For the discerning owner that wants a hassle free experience, let us source your car and build your complete WALD vehicle at our facility in Los Angeles, CA. Alternatively send your vehicle to us for a complete WALD customization. We will redefine the aerodynamics, wheels, suspension and interior to WALD specification. Our workmanship for paint and installation follows the terms of the vehicle manufacturer warranty. Call us or email us today for a consultation 650 343 WALD /

Complete WALD Black Bison Edition W222 S550
WALD W222 Mercedes Benz

Complete WALD Black Bison Edition Rolls Royce Ghost Series I
WALD Black Bison Rolls Royce Ghost

Complete WALD Black Bison Edition Lexus LX570
WALD complete LX570

Complete WALD Black Bison Edition 958 Porsche Cayenne Turbo
WALD 958 Cayenne