New WALD Black Bison C217 S Class Coupe Program

The return of the name S Class Coupe has arrived with the latest generation of Mercedes-Benz S Class and as we have come to expect from WALD, this means a new Black Bison program.

Earlier this year we previewed the clay model development of the new Black Bison Program for the C217 S Class Coupe.

Black Bison S class  coupe Clay 22

Unlike the W222 S Sedan WALD Program the C217 S Class Coupe’s Program will use a front half bumper and rear apron instead of a full bumper replacement for both the front and rear end. The overall design remains quite similar to the WALD W222 Program. The S Coupe shown here has the P21F’s on the right side and the B11C’s on the left both designs in 22″.

WALD Black Bison W217 S Class  16

The WALD Black Bison C217 Program features

Front Half Bumper
Sport Fender Set
Side Skirt Set
Rear Apron  * Requires Sport Exhaust Tips or Sport Exhaust System
Sport Exhaust System with valve control
Roof Wing
Trunk Wing