WALD USA presents the LX570 Black Edition Sportline Line. This is WALD’s flagship SUV. A first look at it, and all you see is aggressive black lines and a widened chassis resulting from WALD’s wide fender arches. No chrome trim was left unturned with regards to black out. Both the front apron and rear apron […]

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2016 WALD LX570 Sports Line coming Summer 2016

The 2016 WALD LX570 will release this Summer stateside. For 2016, WALD has followed its body kit design language to match Lexus’ new aggressive front end designs. WALD’s LX570 front apon is an ad on part made from ABS plastic. The lines of the aggressive LX570 front apron flow onto WALD’s fender arch set. The fender arch […]

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WALD Black Bison Maserati Ghibli

The launch of Maserati’s new entry level model introduced a new younger demographic to the brand. A demographic that’s more interested in customization. With the Maserati Ghibli’s two Twin Turbo V6 variants, the car offers a lot to those who want a top tier car but still want to be able modify it both visually and performance wise. […]

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New WALD Black Bison C217 S Class Coupe Program

The return of the name S Class Coupe has arrived with the latest generation of Mercedes-Benz S Class and as we have come to expect from WALD, this means a new Black Bison program. Earlier this year we previewed the clay model development of the new Black Bison Program for the C217 S Class Coupe. […]

Black Bison S Class featuring WALD B11 wheels

We have enjoyed the P21F v2’s as the flagship WALD wheel up until now, but earlier this year WALD launched a new wheel at the 2015 Tokyo Auto Salon. The New WALD B11 wheels were designed to contrast with the aggressive nature of WALD’s lineup of Executive Line and Black Bison Programs. And it does that […]

WALD Lexus NX Black Bison Preview

As Expected of WALD, they turn the whatever Lexus model they have laying around  into a sophisticated yet aggressive auto worthy framework over the mantelpiece. With that said It comes at little surprise WALD Japan is at again with the upcoming launch of the new WALD Black Bison Lexus NX. The Lexus NX was previewed mid last year at Beijing […]