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WALD Lexus NX Black Bison Preview

As Expected of WALD, they turn the whatever Lexus model they have laying around  into a sophisticated yet aggressive auto worthy framework over the mantelpiece. With that said It comes at little surprise WALD Japan is at again with the upcoming launch of the new WALD Black Bison Lexus NX. The Lexus NX was previewed mid last year at Beijing […]

WALD S Class Coupe Black Bison Edition Preview

WALD S Class Coupe preview. . .WALD has sent us previews from its mold factory of its new Mercedes Benz W217 S Class Coupe tuning program.  WALD seems to keep in line with its Mercedes Black Bison design lines similar to its W222 S Class sedan. The main difference: based on the clay mold, WALD is […]

Night photo session with the WALD Black Bison S Class

The WALD Black Bison S Class tuning program for the Mercedes Benz S class always looks sleek during the day, but rarely is it seen photographed at night. We wanted to show a fresh look in front of the Los Angles city skyline in the backdrop . Take a look through the gallery and enjoy the hottest luxury sedan on the […]

CLA Black Bison development

The new baby Benz is getting the WALD Black Bison touch soon. Wald is currently working on the youngest of the Mercedes line up with its CLA Black Bison program. The new Black Bison styling program for the CLA will have similar design cues found on the flagship W222 Black Bison S class, giving it the the […]

2014 SEMA SHOW Recap

WALD USA solidified itself as the luxury sedan leader by displaying more than 4 Black Bison S Class’ at the 2014 SEMA SHOW in Las Vegas. WALD Black Bison outfitted S Classes were found in the Pirelli Tires booth as well as wheel manufacturer Forgiato.

Wald Bentley Continental GT preview

Wald Bentley Continental GT Preview Presence, Power and Luxury. Those three words that sum up the 2013+ Bentley Continental GT V8. WALD shows in its concept photos that they have added a new touch to its Black Bison styling program with a front half bumper, side skirts similar to its predecessor, a rear bumper replacement and a restyled […]