WALD Lexus NX Black Bison Preview

As Expected of WALD, they turn the whatever Lexus model they have laying around  into a sophisticated yet aggressive auto worthy framework over the mantelpiece. With that said It comes at little surprise WALD Japan is at again with the upcoming launch of the new WALD Black Bison Lexus NX.

The Lexus NX was previewed mid last year at Beijing International Automotive Exhibition. Based off the Toyota RAV4, Lexus too and changed the design completely giving it the new generation aggressive look.

WALD is Now taking that aggressive look and making it even better with the Black Bison program. The WALD Black Bison Lexus NX will feature the Front Apron, Rear Apron, Rear Hatch Spoiler and Front and Rear Fender Arches that extend 15mm in width. As shown the new WALD B11 Wheels (22×9 all around) enhance the edgy look of the Black Bison Lexus NX quite well.

WALD Black Bison Lexus NX

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